Handling data a bit of a juggle?

Online Attendance:
Save time and phone lines!

Parents are able to submit their absences online using computer, tablet or a smart phone by filling in an online form. Once done they will receive a confirmation email. Office staff, administration and teachers are able to login and view the daily submitted absences list at any time. Contact us now to try a demo version.

Parent Teacher Interviews:
Keep everyone organized!

Allow parents to book interview times with teachers online. Teachers are able to look at their schedules while signup is going on. View online or exported lists can be printed out for reference.

Easy format!
No software needed!

Comply with Anti-Spam Regulations and reach parents quickly and effectively with email newsletters and announcements. Parents, staff, students and other interested parties register as many email addresses as they choose, so they can receive beautiful, visually pleasing  HTML email newsletters or even view a mobile version if necessary.

Or Design It Yourself!

We will design any signup, registration or data collection system to fit your needs and budget whether you are a busy school or business office environment.

Subscription Cost Of Systems?

We charge a fee that depends on the number of students at your school.
Prices are in Canadian dollars per month based on twelve months for all 3 systems.

Under 300 students: $50/month
300 to 600 students: $60/month
600 to 900 students: $70/month
900 to 1,200 students: $80/month
1,200 to 1,500 students:      $90/month
1,500 to 1,800 students: $100/month
Over 1,800 students: Contact us for a quote

* If you wish to use only 1 or 2 of our systems we have pro-rated subscriptions.

This subscription allows you to use these systems with no limit on usage, accounts, or users.
One time setup fee is $200.